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Orphaned Pup Finds Family and Freedom

Camilo Díaz

Have you ever found a lost dog before and wanted to keep it? The main worry, in this case, would be that the dog already had an owner. Another possible concern is probably one that would never cross your mind. What if the puppy was actually an illegal to own wild animal?

Well, that is what happened when a family found and took in an adorable puppy who was all alone by the side of the road. Unfortunately, this particular pup was not destined to become the newest member of their family. Even if they had wanted to keep him, Coyotes are illegal to keep as pets in Massachusetts. That's right; this orphaned baby was, in fact, a Coyote puppy! But do not worry, readers, for this Coyote did eventually find a new family.

Where Did He Go?

After the pup was identified as a wild Coyote, it was quickly transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center. The New England Wildlife Center is located in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. This non-profit center was founded in 1983 and was funded entirely by private donations. As a community-integrated 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the NEWC receives no state or federal funding and is still completely supported by donations. Since 1983 they have provided rehabilitative care and veterinary treatment to over 120,000 wild animals.

Who Became His New Family?

The orphaned Coyote pup became one of those lucky animals to receive the NEWC's support. There, he spent six months of rehab while also getting to know another orphaned Coyote. The two foster siblings formed a strong bond during their time at the NEWC and were released together back into the wild on September 21st. Although there is no guarantee they will stay together now that they are back in the wild, there is always the chance these two will stick together for the long haul.

"Releasing them as a unit will hopefully increase their survival rate in the wild. While some coyotes may choose to part ways after release something tells us these two may be bonded for life." - From the New England Wildlife Center's Facebook Page

If you would like to donate to the New England Wildlife Center, please visit their website.

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