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Who Has The Most Delicious Chinese Food in Houston, TX?

Cameron Eittreim

Houston, Texas, a city celebrated for its diverse culinary landscape, offers an enticing array of flavors from around the globe. On my recent trip to this vibrant city, my taste buds embarked on an exciting journey in search of one of the world's most beloved cuisines: Chinese food.

From savory dim sum and aromatic stir-fries to delectable noodles and flavorful dumplings, my exploration through Houston's Chinese food scene promises a mouthwatering adventure that encapsulates the essence of this rich and diverse culinary tradition.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur of Chinese cuisine or simply a lover of good food, join me as we uncover the hidden gems and authentic flavors that make Houston's Chinese dining experience truly exceptional.

Shan Hu Chinese Restaurant (7656 Bellfort Ave)

The culinary experience at Shan Hu Chinese Restaurant in Houston, TX, was nothing short of amazing. As someone who's savored their fair share of Chinese cuisine, I was intrigued to discover an unconventional dish on the menu: the orange beef. It marked a departure from the usual offerings and left an indelible impression.

The orange beef dish was a revelation. The beef itself was tender beyond belief, a testament to the chef's culinary prowess. However, what truly set it apart was the flavor profile. Each bite was a symphony of tastes, with a perfect balance of sweetness and zest, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

To complement this extraordinary dish, I also indulged in a bowl of won ton soup. It proved to be equally delightful, with flavors that danced on my palate.

My son, opting for the general chow's chicken, had an equally satisfying experience. The dish lived up to its reputation for bold and savory flavors.

Our visit to Shan Hu Chinese Restaurant was a culinary adventure that surpassed expectations. The orange beef, in particular, stood out as a unique and delightful dish that I won't soon forget. The won ton soup and the general chow's chicken further added to the restaurant's culinary excellence. If you're seeking an exceptional Chinese dining experience in Houston, look no further than Shan Hu Chinese Restaurant.

North China Restaurant (14525 Katy Fwy)

Stepping into North China Restaurant in Houston for the very first time was a delightful adventure for me. I embarked on a culinary journey that introduced me to a world of flavors and dishes that I had never tried before.

To begin, I opted for the pork fried potstickers, a choice that instantly won me over. These delectable dumplings were served with a spicy dipping sauce that added an exciting kick to every bite. It was a captivating start to my meal.

For my main course, I ventured into uncharted territory with the Pong Lai dish—a first-time experience for me. The flavors that unfolded were nothing short of amazing. It had the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, with just the right amount of sauce to coat the tender chicken, which boasted a delightful crispness. This dish was an absolute standout.

To complement my meal, I ventured into uncharted waters with a Tsingtao beer, a beverage I had never tried before. It turned out to be an excellent choice, with a taste that perfectly complemented the flavors of my meal.

What made my experience truly exceptional, however, was the impeccable service provided by the restaurant staff. Each employee wore a genuine smile and displayed a welcoming demeanor that enhanced my dining experience. It was clear that the team at North China Restaurant takes great pride in delivering a five-star service to their patrons.

With such a remarkable dining experience under my belt, there's no doubt that I'll be returning to North China Restaurant again and again. It's a culinary destination that promises not only exceptional food but also a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that my girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed her YuXiang Eggplant, further solidifying our love for this restaurant.

Mein (9630 Clarewood Dr Ste A13)

Mein Restaurant in Houston, TX, left an indelible mark on my dining experience during a recent visit on a bustling Friday night. From start to finish, it proved to be an extraordinary culinary journey, and I was thoroughly impressed.

The staff at Mein Restaurant deserves special mention for their kindness and attentiveness. Their warm hospitality set the stage for what would be a remarkable dining experience.

As the dishes arrived at our table, it became clear that Mein Restaurant excelled not only in service but also in the art of Cantonese cuisine. The food was served piping hot and seasoned to perfection, a testament to the kitchen's dedication to quality.

Our culinary adventure commenced with Crab Rangoon and red oil dumplings, setting the stage for a feast of flavors. For our main course, we opted for green beans, Drunken noodles (featuring shrimp and tofu), and firecracker chicken. The portions were generous, easily satisfying the appetites of three hungry diners. The diverse selection of dishes showcased the restaurant's versatility and commitment to offering an array of choices.

Of particular note were the vegetarian options, which Mein Restaurant accommodated with grace. I requested my Drunken noodles to be prepared with tofu exclusively, and the result was simply exceptional. The tofu was impeccably cooked, boasting a crisp texture and a burst of flavor that melded seamlessly with the generously seasoned dish.

Mein Restaurant's inviting atmosphere, marked by low lighting and a soothing ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for our delightful meal.

Mein Restaurant is a true gem in the realm of Cantonese cuisine. From the warm and attentive service to the impeccably prepared dishes, it is a go-to destination for those seeking exceptional culinary experiences. Whether you're a vegetarian or a lover of traditional Cantonese flavors, Mein Restaurant's diverse menu has something to satisfy every palate.

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