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Who Has The Best Pulled Pork In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Cameron Eittreim

Pulled pork is one of the most popular dishes around, and with good reason. Because it's a versatile type of food that you can have on a bun or over rice, just to name a few options. No doubt pulled pork sandwiches are the most popular option, though. It's a food item that's both family friendly and easy on the wallet.

But who am I kidding? We live in the south, so there are tons of places where you can find a pulled pork sandwich. Luckily, I have narrowed my search to a few places where I have experienced excellent food, particularly in the pulled pork variety. The great thing about a pulled pork sandwich is that it's satisfying without side dishes, in fact you can eat a pulled pork sandwich all on its own.

Kids also love pulled pork sandwiches, they are just the right amount of messy goodness that kids love eating. I wanted to narrow the places that went would be frequent for pulled pork sandwiches. Although there are a dozen pulled pork sports, these are just a few spots that I enjoy visiting the most.

Al's Bar-B-Q is by far my favorite spot to get a simple pulled pork sandwich. You get a great value that comes with a massive helping with pulled pork and a selection of different sides to choose from. What I like the most is that the pulled pork is packed with flavor, but it's not too spicy. Now, unlike other pulled pork sandwiches I've had, this one is a lot juicier.

The sauce doesn't taste like it came out of a jar or a bottle. This is definitely an in-house recipe, to say the least. The bun is also hot and fresh, which adds to the texture and feeling of the finished sandwich. The fried potatoes are an excellent side dish, and something that you won't find often as a side for a pulled pork sandwich.

Brannon's Pub and Grill is another place I have raved about before, and with good reason. Because this is more than just a watering hole for you to stop by and get a drink. Brannon's has a full menu of great food, and there are so many options to choose from. But on Thursday nights, you'll see people lining up, and with good reason, because it's pulled pork night.

The pulled pork is prepared throughout the day, and it comes out with a nice texture and juicy flavor. When it comes to portions, they don't skimp here either. If you don't think you will be stuffed from a pulled pork sandwich from here, you are mistaken, because this thing is big. Depending on what you want for the sides, you will be satisfied with the sandwich.

The atmosphere at Brannon's is so warm and welcoming that you can enjoy your sandwich and the stay. The staff makes the experience memorable, and good customer service is something that I am picky about. Although Brannon's was packed on the night we went there, the customer service was exceptional.

And I have to compliment one portion of my meal, and that was the onion rings. I'm not sure what they were using for batter, but these onion rings were delicious. You won't find onion rings that are this good anywhere else, especially not alongside a pulled pork sandwich. I was so pleased with my experience here, and if you want a pulled pork sandwich, you definitely need to stop here at least once.

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