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Who Has The Best Spaghetti In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Cameron Eittreim
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No matter how old I get, nothing beats a good plate or bowl of spaghetti. It's the classic Italian dish that originated out of Italy. Over the years, there have been plenty of spins on the classic dish, but the overarching recipe has remained the same. But not every plate of spaghetti is the same, and it all depends on how the dish is prepared.

You'd seldom think of having spaghetti when you go to a restaurant, but sometimes it hits the spot just right. There are more than a few places where you can get spaghetti in Fort Smith, but I have highlighted a few of my personal favorites. You're probably thinking, why would I want to go out to dinner just to have spaghetti?

Well, you haven't had the classic Italian dish at these places yet. The common theory is that you have to go to an expensive Italian restaurant to get good tasting pasta, but that is definitely not the case. There is always something better to have in the places that you least expect it, and the culinary scene here in Fort Smith is diverse.

George's Restaurant is a low-key spot where you can find many great eats, but perhaps the most notable option is the Greek Spaghetti. This is a traditional Greek twist on a classic dish, and as far as I can tell, George's is the only place in town that serves it like this. The Greek spaghetti is served in a massive portion, and you can choose salad as a side dish.

The sauce has a blend of unique spices that you don't generally taste in spaghetti, which adds to the unique flavor and texture. The pasta is cooked to perfection, not too soft and not too tough. Alongside the fresh salad, this dish makes for a wholesome lunch or dinner. I always love to experience a classic dish with a new or fresh taste, and that's what you'll get at George's.

Now, let's go downtown and check out 21 West End, which has an unbelievable twist on a classic. When you think of 21 West End, you think of an upscale dining establishment where you have special events or occasions. But they are also serving up an upscale twist on Spaghetti, and it's something that I had to stop and try.

The spaghetti was served in a smaller portion then the other restaurants but it was presented in a very upscale manner. But it wasn't just the presentation that got me, there was also a vast improvement in the quality of the ingredients. The flavor of the spaghetti was delicious, and it was the sauce that got my attention.

There was just enough spice in the sauce to make it exciting, and the pasta was nice and tender, cooked to perfection as you'd expect. The dish was served alone but there are a number of sides that you can choose from if you want them. The quality of the atmosphere and the delicious food always make coming to 21 West End a treat.

You might not think of spaghetti as something worth seeking out, but I can tell you that these places serve some of the most delicious spaghetti that you'll have. Fort Smith is constantly evolving in the culinary space, and I'm sure it will continue to showcase great food. The right spaghetti is made with great ingredients and attention to detail.

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