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Who Has The Best Burgers In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Cameron Eittreim

There is so much to see and do in Fort Smith, but one of the best things about living in this city is the abundance of great restaurants to choose from. There is definitely a culinary resurgence in Fort Smith, and there is always a new place to go and explore. Burgers are still one of the most popular food items, and something that you can enjoy no matter what the season.

There is more to a great burger than just slapping a patty between two buns. You have many things that go into a great burger. The quality of the meat is of course one of the most important aspects of the burger. Of course, there are other important aspects, such as the special sauces and other aspects to the recipe.

Certain burgers I've had before utilized things like sauteed onions on the top and even portabella mushrooms. Finding the different and unique burgers is always fun, instead of just settling for the same old type of burger. I want something that has some flavor and unique attributes, not just the same old cloned burger that everyone else is selling.

These are a few of my favorite spots in Fort Smith, where you can find a great burger that's also unique. Patrick's Butcher Boy Burgers is my first choice for an A1 burger if you are in Fort Smith. There is something about patricks that's different than any other burger place I have eaten at.

The spirit of the food here is what stands out, and each burger recipe has a unique feeling. These are not chain restaurant knock-offs, you will get a big and juicy burger made with fresh locally sourced ingredients. These are dubbed the original butcher boy burgers for a reason, because the Angus beef patties are incredibly fresh.

And if you think the patties are great, just wait until you try the crispy french fries. The coating is nice and thick, with just enough salt to make the flavoring delicious. It takes a lot to get the perfect texture when it comes to fries, but you'll find it at Patrick's Butcher Boy Burgers.

But I can't only love one of the burger spots in Fort Smith, because there are many. But perhaps the most understated spot is George's Restaurant. There are many options at George's, but perhaps the most notable are the hamburgers. Choosing a great hamburger might seem like an easy task, but most people would never think about George's for a good burger.

The menu has many other unique items, such as steak fries and more. If you want delicious comfort food, including juicy burgers, then you can't go wrong here. The dining room and the experience are welcoming, even if you've never eaten here before. The burgers are well made, and there are other menu items worth considering.

The french fries are nice and crispy with just the right amount of seasoning. No matter what kind of burger you have your eyes on, you'll find it here. There is also a Reuben sandwich worth trying out. There is nothing to be disappointed about when you go to George's. The menu items are well made with fresh ingredients and flavoring.

Choosing a burger can seem overwhelming, because there are so many delicious spots to choose from. But if you happen to be in the area and want to have a great burger without having to search high and low, these are two of the most delicious spots in Fort Smith. The burgers are high quality, and the flavors are astounding.

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Fort Smith, AR

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