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This Place Has The Spiciest Tacos In Fort Smith

Cameron Eittreim

I have found over the years that the spiciest tacos are where my heart is. And I have grown fond of street style tacos. These compact tacos are generally filled with fresh ingredients and some delicious salsa or sauce drizzled across the top.

I like my tacos to be messy and dripping with flavor, but that's just me. Some people don't want a mess all over their plate. But I think to get the true authentic flavors that you want in a Taco, you have to get all the juices that come with the flavor.

On top of all that, the thing that makes a great taco to me is how hot it is. I want a lot of flavor, and I'm not talking about mild. So when I searched for a quick taco around Fort Smith this past weekend, I stumbled across something delicious.

Taqueria Las Flores is a place I haven't tried before, but I had always wanted to. It's just more convenient for me to go to La Mesa or El Super Taco, because they are close to where I live. But this time I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new.

The atmosphere at Taqueria Las Flores is very family oriented, and the smell of delicious food is in the air when you first get there. I decided to try some traditional beef street tacos, so that's what I ordered.

The food was brought to me quickly, and the first thing I noticed was how hot the tortillas were. It always helps to have a fresh tortilla when you are having a street taco and these were steaming hot.

The next thing was the flavor of the meat which was downright delicious. Oftentimes, the meat will either be too dry or too salty. That wasn't the case here, as the meat was seasoned to perfection and had just enough juice to it.

The pico de Gallo was just as good, making the final part of the taco complete. The medium salsa that I got with my meal was spicy, but not so much that it turned me off. I have to say the portions here are quite large, and you get a lot of food for the price.

If you have been craving a traditional taco with a little bit of zing, I cannot recommend Taqueria Las Flores enough. The food and the customer service will keep you coming back for more.

Location: 720 N 11th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901

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Fort Smith, AR

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