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Fresh Oceanic Seafood Right in The Heart of Fort Smith?

Cameron Eittreim

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in Fort Smith, and a disadvantage is the lack of beaches and seafood. But if you yearn for the oceanic taste of the coast, but you don't want to drive hundreds of miles, there are some great options in Fort Smith to be had. Depending on whether you want fresh seafood or fried, there are choices for both kinds.

I enjoy fresh seafood more than I like the fried stuff, so I searched out places where I can find fresh seafood. I wanted to go somewhere besides the chain restaurants like Red Lobster, so I started to look at what my options were. Well, I love going downtown around Garrison Avenue, because there is always something going on down there.

Saturdays, there is always music and lively activities going on in the afternoon and into the night. There also happens to be a delicious seafood restaurant tucked in there. Down a cobblestone path on the corner of an adorable shopping center is AJ's Oyster House. The entire vibe when you walk up to AJ's is great, and you are instantly welcomed.

Obviously, with the name of the restaurant, the focal point of the menu is fresh oysters. There are two main options for oysters: the Rockefeller Oyster and the Bienville Oyster. The Rockefeller Oyster has a wonderful Hollandaise sauce with baked spinach and parmesan cheese. The flavor of the oysters is incredibly fresh and delicious to choose from.

The Oyster Po' Boy is a great item if you just want to order something in a hurry for lunch. It's made with fresh Gulf oysters, and the flavor was great. I often go to Po' boy style options if I am rushing or just want something light. If you want a full-on seafood experience, I recommend the Oysters Basket or the Crawfish Basket.

Either option is affordable, and the flavor is great. The Crawfish were seasoned to perfection, and the quality of the seafood is what stood out to me. The outdoor seating was comfortable and well kept. The entire atmosphere at AJ's is wonderful, and if you want to have a relaxing experience, you can't go wrong here.

Location: 115 N 10th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901

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Fort Smith, AR

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