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I Found The Biggest Pizza in Fort Smith

Cameron Eittreim

Anywhere you go to eat nowadays, it seems like the menu items are a tad bit smaller, right? Well, pizza is the one food that never seems to get smaller. Depending on the type of pizza you get, of course, because there are so many options. Of course, you've got the thin crust, then you've got stuffed crust, and there is even pan pizza.

But if you are hungry, there is only one way to go, and that is the Chicago style deep-dish. In Fort Smith, there is a place serving up the largest deep dish pizza I have had so far. First thing is first, this pizza has a lot of meat on top, but it isn't just the meat to sauce ratio. There is also an abundance of cheese that you can't miss.

Naturally, something this big is worth trying, but this particular pizza is so good that I get it at least once a month. The place serving up this beastly slice of pizza is Gusano’s Chicago Style Pizzeria on Phoenix Avenue in Fort Smith. The pizza in question is rightfully named the Carnivore Craze.

Not only is the pizza baked in a humongous deep dish crust, it's also filled with fresh tomato sauce and an abundance of cheese. Scattered all over the top is crumbled sausage, salami, and pepperoni. When I tell you that this pizza is big, it's big. Even in the smallest size, the Carnivore Craze will leave a dent in your stomach.

But there are also other pizzas served here. The Hertbivore Delight is a vegetarian option still as large, but foregoes the meat as a topping. The restaurant tries to cater to all tastes, and the menu is so well put together. The cheeseburger is a great pizza that your kids will enjoy, with plenty of cheese and hamburger on the top.

The atmosphere here is welcoming, there are large TV's and a bar inside, and there are always various sporting events that are airing. But if you are like me, you'll enjoy sitting outside on the patio, which is kept clean and tidy. The staff is always attentive, and our food was served in a very fast manner.

And we've visited Gusano's more than once, and the food is always delicious no matter what. The most recent time we ordered for pickup, the person who was bringing us our pizza accidently dropped it. Honestly, the pizza inside the box was fine, and I said I was not upset, but the manager insisted on giving us a coupon for a free pizza that we could use whenever.

This kind of wonderful customer service makes us want to return, and the fact that the portions are so large is great. If you want to try the biggest piece of pizza in Fort Smith, then you've got to go to Gusano's. You won't be disappointed, as the quality of the food is top notch and the service is great.

Location: 5505 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903

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