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Who Has The Tastiest Wings In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Cameron Eittreim

Chicken wings are one of life's most beloved foods in the world. The most common idea of a chicken wing is the spicy red sauced creation that you get at a pizza parlor or at a barbecue. But there are so many other unique ways to enjoy your chicken wings. Depending on what your flavor of choice is, there are so many unique chicken wing recipes to choose from.

Eating chicken wings is an experience, there is nothing like ripping into a good plate of wings. And living in Arkansas, local sports culture surrounds us, so when it's game time, there's nothing better than meeting up at a local wing spot. There are more than a few places where I have been too here in town since I moved here in 2016.

But to list every place would take away from the individual experiences that each restaurant has to offer. I will detail my two most recent chicken wing experiences here in town, and what made each of them great. Whether you like your wings extremely spicy or on the sweet side, there is sure to be something in Fort Smith for you.

It's Just Wings

6720 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903

With a name like It's Just Wings, you already know what this place focuses on. And before you get after me, yes, this is part of a restaurant chain, but the management is running the restaurant well. The menu is made up of just what you'd expect, wings. You can choose from bone-in or boneless. But, there is something special here that you won't see at many other wing establishments, and that is smoked wings.

The smoked wings have a savory flavor that is unlike any other wing I have had before. The Apple BBQ flavor is the one to go for. You can taste the hints of apple in the smoked chicken wing meat, and the coating has just the right amount of spice to it. The house curly fries are crispy to perfection and definitely complete the meal. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the service was much faster than I expected considering how busy the place was.

JJ's Grill Fort Smith

5400 Phoenix Ave STE 1, Fort Smith, AR 72903

JJ's Grill in Fort Smith definitely has a noticeable location right on Phoenix Avenuve. There is a bright red classic car in front and there are always a lot of customers here. What is all the excitement about? Well, the menu at JJ's Grill is delicious, but those who know come for one thing, the wings. There is just something about the way the wings are prepared here that makes them delicious. Whether you like good old fashioned bone-in or boneless, the options are here for you.

The nuclear wings are the way to go, and yes, they will burn all the way down. But when it comes to wings I like mine spicy, and these were delicious. When you eat a good wing, you find yourself going back for more and more. The rest of the menu at JJ's Grill is great, so you can bring friends who might not be in the mood for some chicken wings. JJ's Grill has been cooking up a storm for some time now, and if you want some of the best wings here in town, you'll want to go.

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