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Why Haven't You Visited Timeless Oddities and Curiosities?

Cameron Eittreim

Back in 2020, when I tried to launch my own local publication in the midst of the pandemic, there was a unique new shop in downtown Fort Smith that I did a piece about. Timeless Oddities and Curiosities caught my attention because they took over the former location of the tea room on the corner of Garrison Ave. Take one look at this shop, and you'll know right away that it's not your normal vanilla style retailer, and that's okay.

Because what Garrison Ave has in downtown Fort Smith is a culture that many cities don't have anymore. Experiencing these local boutiques is something that I like to do, and this store has such a unique presence that you can't help but have fun. So here I am in 2022, visiting it again, because I can't help myself. The store has only continued to get better as time has gone on, and there are more unique items in this store than you could imagine!

What Can You Find Here?

Think of Timeless Oddities and Curiosities as your one stop shop for one of a kind gifts. Whether it's a boutique limited run hot sauce or amethyst stones, you'll find them here. The Abalone Shell Smudge Bowls are a great deal for $7.00, and they have such character. There is also a lot of artwork available here, cool paintings, wall art etc.

The incents are plentiful here as well, and if you are like me, then you enjoy having unique scents in your home. There are also numerous unique books, not the normal reads that you'd find in a bookstore. The selection of interesting items here is endless, and the prices are so affordable.

The Culture of The Shop

Here's the thing I love the most about this store. The first time I ever walked in here to drop off my newspapers, there were two customers who had a great time with the lady behind the counter. They were interested in the products, and she was having a great time showing them off.

When I first walked into the store, the amazing scent of the store hit me, as well as the beautifully assorted wall art and even a cozy sitting area. This is not a store that you will just run in and out of, but a great time here. I guarantee you will find a novelty item here that you might not have ever thought you needed.

Downtown Fort Smith has such an interesting culture, and I don't think the scene would be as cool as it is without the wonderful boutique shops like Timeless Oddities and Curiosities. If you haven't taken a stroll downtown yet, then you need to check this great shop out.

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