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Who Has The Tastiest Steaks In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Cameron Eittreim

A wise man once told me that you can tell a lot about how well a person is doing by what they eat. When you are doing well, you can eat what you want, and one thing that defines a high priced budget is a great steak. You will pay a lot for a great steak, but you will also leave the restaurant with a satisfied feeling. Nothing beats a delicious steak, and that's why I only go to certain restaurants when I want a steak. Finding a great steak is not just confined to the steak itself, but also depends on how it's seasoned, prepared, and ultimately served.

I enjoy a restaurant that puts effort into the whole presentation of the steak. Because the right seasoning coupled with the right flavor of the meat makes for an excellent dinner. The big chain restaurants that say they specialize in steak are generally disappointing, so I like to find independent local restaurants when I want a steak. These are a few places that I enjoy visiting here in Fort Smith.

Doe's Eat Place

422 N 3rd St, Fort Smith, AR 72901

I'll be honest when I say that part of the reason I went to Doe's Eat Place was because of the unique name. When you think of Doe, you probably think of a deer, right? Well, it was actually named after the founder Dominick "Doe" Signa, who started the original business in 1941. I love eating anywhere where there is such a distinct history and connection to the area, and this establishment is a real Fort Smith original.

The formula at Doe's Eat Place is very simple, serving up massive aged steaks to the public. The steaks served here are aged for at least 21 days. There is something about aged meat that makes all the difference when it comes to a steak. I love mine to be medium rare, and they did not have a problem serving me a delicious hunk of meat. I had the rib eye steak with the baked potato as a side, and the flavor was exceptional.

The house seasoning used on the steak compliments the natural flavor of the meat. Coupled with steak sauce to dip the meat in the dish, it was perfect in every way. The interior of the restaurant is very rustic and welcoming. You could go to a large chain steak house, but the quality of the steak will be no where near what it is at Doe's Eat Place. I try to come here for all our family functions, and the experience is always pleasurable.

Stonehouse Chaffee Crossing

8801 Wells Lake Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72916

There is something about having a great ambiance in a restaurant that seals the deal for me, almost as much as the food does. You want to sit somewhere that will bolster your mood, and the Stonehouse Chaffee Crossing does exactly that. The food is delicious, but it's the ambiance of the restaurant that seals the deal as soon as you sit down. The Stonehouse Chaffee Crossing is a steakhouse, and as such the menu revolves around that.

There are many excellent appetizers to choose from. We had the spinach dip with the Pita chips. The texture of the spinach dip was excellent, and the pita chips were warmed with a light hint of salt on the top. The rib eye steak I had was delicious, with a seasoned flavor that was downright delicious. I had my steak medium rare, and it was prepared to perfection. The service time was also quite fast, considering the quality of the food and the depth of the menu. If you want a delicious steak served with a side of great ambiance and culture, you can't go wrong at the Stonehouse Chaffee Crossing.

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