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Where To Find Delicious Local Ribs In Tucson, Arizona?

Cameron Eittreim

What goes better with traveling and summertime than a delicious rack of ribs? When I visit Tucson, Arizona, I always try to find different barbecue places, because the landscape is ever changing. The last time I went to Tucson, I had some delicious ribs. So naturally, this time we decided to try some different places and see what's new in the wonderful city. When it comes to a great rib, you want the flavor to be juicy with a hint of spice.

The rib scene is constantly changing in Tucson, and there are always new restaurants trying to capitalize. I look for original flavor when I go out for any kind of barbecue and these places caught my attention this time around. In June, it is extremely hot outside, and the weather is oftentimes unbearable, but going into a cool establishment for some delicious ribs sure beats the heat. These are a few of the most recent places I visited in Tucson for some delicious ribs.

The Horseshoe Grill

7713 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710

Where do I begin with The Horseshoe Grill? The first thing that made me want to give this place a try was the fact that the owners proudly advertise homemade side dishes. Although the main course is the most important, the side dish is an equally important part of the meal. When it comes to barbecue, I love to have mac and cheese or mashed potatoes with my meat. Upon entering The Horseshoe Grill a modern and chic interior greeted us.

Laid out in front of us was the delicious menu, and I decided to give the baby back ribs a try. There was a sweet glaze like sauce on the ribs and let me tell you, I made quite a mess. But that's okay, because that's when you know that the ribs are good. The sides were also delicious, the mashed potatoes were piping hot and served with gravy. The flavor was exceptional, and the food went together perfectly. I'd definitely recommend The Horseshoe Grill if you are going to visit Tucson and want some great ribs.

Smokey Mo

2650 N 1st Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

This place is serving up a truly authentic barbecue experience, down and dirty, and outside in the fresh open air. The shaded outdoor patio resonates with the delicious smell of the barbecue. As soon as you walk up to this place, you know that you are in for something good. The menu has all kinds of specialties, but I decided to try the baby back ribs here too. The sauce was spicy with the right kind of zing, and the meat was packed with juicy flavor.

This time I decided to try the coleslaw, and it was wonderful. I am not generally a coleslaw eater at all but this time I decided to give it a try. Served alongside optional vinegar, this was some of the best coleslaw I have had in a while. There are plenty of side dishes to choose from, but if you are outside in the heat, you'd almost have to have the coleslaw. Smokey Mo is an authentic barbecue restaurant serving up some of the best tasting ribs in Tucson.

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