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Who Has The Tastiest Barbecue In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Cameron Eittreim

When it comes to Tulsa, Oklahoma, the barbecue scene is one of the best in the country. There is so much variety in the barbecue coming out of Oklahoma, and the meat is incredibly fresh and locally sourced. Because I live about an hour away from Tulsa, we tend to visit the city a few times a month. Whether it's to see the live music shows or the gathering place, which is a big art walk, there is so much to do here.

If you are visiting Tulsa with your children, there are fun things to do, like going to the Tulsa Zoo. But after all the festivities are done, you have to find something to eat. We wanted to have some barbecue, because nothing beats some delicious smoked meat in the middle of summer. There are so many barbecue places in Tulsa to choose from. Obviously, I couldn't go to every barbecue place in the city, but we visited a few of them.

Knotty Pig BBQ, Burger & Chili House

6835 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74112

There aren't many places that get barbecue right from the sauce to the meat, but the Knotty Pig is one that does. When it comes to barbecue in Tulsa, you haven't had authentic Oklahoma BBQ until you've stopped here at least once. Take one look at the relatively simplistic interior, and you might think this is a roadside venue, and you'd be correct. Because at the Knotty Pig, they focus on excellent flavor and substance.

The baby back ribs are delicious, coupled with the one of a kind burnt beef tips. The plate was well proportioned too, the amount of food you get for the price is excellent. The side dishes are fresh to order, and there is a lot to choose from. Whether you want mashed potatoes or something more adequate for the summer, such as coleslaw. If you are going to visit Tulsa for anything, then you will want to stop at the Knotty Pig.

Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Que

2225 N Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74115

Just take a look at the name of this place, and you'll know right away that the food is good. Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Que is churning out some of the best home grown BBQ that you'll have. When they say Oklahoma style barbecue has a unique taste to it, they tell the truth. No one does barbecue quite like the sooner state. The menu here has all the favorites you'd expect, such as beef tips, baby back ribs and brisket. There is also a selection of chicken to choose from, and you can even pick from a few pork offerings.

I had the brisket, and the meat was grilled to perfection, and the side dishes were piping hot. When you are eating out, sometimes you aren't always served hot food. But you can tell that the food here is fresh and made from scratch. The sauce that they had on the brisket was downright delicious and the meat was plenty juicy enough for me. Visiting Tulsa can be a fun experience, and one that you will enjoy every time. If you are visiting Tulsa and want some great barbecue, then I recommend taking a trip to Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Que, you won't be disappointed.

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