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Who Has The Tastiest Pizza In Dallas, Texas?

Cameron Eittreim

Pizza is one of those foods with many regional flavors. You won't get the same slice of pizza in two different cities with completely different cultures. New York and Chicago are the two pizza capitals when it comes to serving up unique variations. With New York, you get the signature thin crust, and with Chicago, you get that one of a kind deep dish pizza. Which begs the question, can you get a great slice of pizza elsewhere in the country? Yes.

Dallas, Texas of all places, and the pizza places I found are one of a kind. Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy going to Dallas to explore the diverse culture and history. The city is a beautiful place with lots of great things to do. When I am done with all those activities, I am hungry, and what better thing to sooth an appetite than a slice of pizza. That's one of the great things about pizza, because you can generally order up a single slice or a whole pie. These are a few places that I found in Dallas, Texas, where you can enjoy a delicious slice of pizza.

Cane Rosso

2612 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

Cane Rosso is one of the most well known pizza parlors in the great state of Texas. In addition to the Dallas location, there are also locations in Fort Worth and Arlington. Generally speaking, when a family owned restaurant can expand in the way Cane Rosso has, it means the food is good. Well, that would be an adequate assertion when you think about Cane Rosso. The restaurant serves some of the most delicious pizza in Dallas, Texas.

As with most pizza places, this one has a special baking method, and that is the wood burning fireplace. If you've never had a pizza prepared in a wood burning oven, then you are truly missing out. There is something unique about the way the pizza is baked in a wood burning fireplace. The dough comes out of the oven hot and fresh, and the flavor of the sauce and the cheese is combined deliciously together. Even if you just go for a classic pepperoni pizza, you won't be disappointed with the delicious pizza here.

Carmine's Pizzeria

5365 Spring Valley Rd #138, Dallas, TX 75254

If you are yearning for classic New York style pizza, but you are in Dallas, then you are in luck. Carmine's Pizzeria serves classic New York style pizza in the heart of New York. The menu is well laid out, and there are the instantly recognizable classics that you'd be looking for at a pizza parlor. The three-meat combo is my favorite here, with pepperoni, sausage, and salami.

The thing that stands out the most at Carmine's Pizzeria is how large the slices are for the price. These are authentic New York pizza slices in every sense of the word, and the flavor is bursting at the seams. There aren't many pizza places that can replicate New York style pizza, but Carmine's does it well. If you are in Dallas, Texas and want to try some authentic New York style pizza, then I recommend taking a trip to Carmine's.

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