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My Favorite Sushi Restaurants in San Diego


If San Diego is going to be known for their Mexican food but also their fish tacos, you better believe that San Diego would serve some of the best sushi around. Given that San Diego is right next to the water, I've gone many times to San Diego's Broadway Pier and just bought. fish to bring home and cook. Their fish is way different than what I've ever had and I can understand why their fish tacos tastes so good. But besides the fish tacos, I want to share with you all my favorite sushi spots I've tried and loved in San Diego.

Azuki Sushi
Azuki business owner on Yelp

One of my main reasons on why I love Azuki's Sushi so much besides their amazing selection of sushi is that everything on their menu is very aesthetic. It's like the owner of Azuki Sushi has a knack for social media and knows how to design their dishes to look the best on Instagram. Every piece of nigiri and sashimi is so fresh and so tender. I normally order the sushi shashimi platter when I have no idea what to get because it has a little bit of everything. If you like hamachi, you would love their sashimi platter because they give you extra hamachi here. One of my favorite dishes to order is their salmon nigiri special, which features four pieces of nigiri: salmon, salmon toro, king salmon, and ocean trout. I may just be bias towards salmon but it is the absolute best here.

What I recommend: I really enjoyed the salmon nigiri special

Location: 2321 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

Sushi Ota
Johnny N on Yelp

Have you ever had sea urchin (uni)? It's definitely an acquired taste but if you're a fan, Sushi Ota does it the best. It is the smoothest and freshest piece of seafood in the entire platter of sushi. Something else that is not talked about enough is salmon kama, which is the meaty fatty and grilled collar of a fish. It's cooked for those who are not a fan of the raw fish, and it is absolutely amazing. It's tender, the meat is just so fatty and delicious, I sometimes order two or three to go with my sushi platter. I've ordered the sake sushi platter in the past and every piece of fish just kind of melts in your mouth. That's how fresh and delectable the sashimi here is. If you're in the mood for some alcohol, the best drink to pair with raw fish is sake. And not just any sake, they have Hakkaisan sake here that will blow you away. I got the smaller bottle to pair with my fish because although it is tasty, there's a big kick to it and if you're not careful, you'll end up forgetting you were ever at a sushi restaurant.

What I recommend: sashimi platter with sake

Location: 4529 Mission Bay Dr San Diego, CA 92109

Harney Sushi
Harney business owner on Yelp

Would you just look at the presentation in the photo from Harney Sushi? Every roll they make is so beautiful and made with love that all I want to do is take pictures of it. I've only been here once but of course I had to try their sashimi platter and the fish was top notch and fresh as can be. But this time, their tuna is better than their salmon. Salmon was great but a little too chewy. The tuna on the other hand melted like butter. As for the rolls, I always go the safe route and get the dragon roll, which was very good here with fresh and tasty eel to top the dragon roll. Overall, I would come back and try more of their other rolls and fishes.

What I recommend: sashimi platter

Location: 3964 Harney St San Diego, CA 92110

My favorite cuisine in San Diego is hands down Mexican food but Sushi in San Diego is a close second. I couldn't believe how much good sushi was down here in San Diego and I wish I could've stayed longer to discover more. If there was ever a time to try as much cuisine as you can besides the Bay Area, come to San Diego because all their cuisines here are mouth watering delicious.

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