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Top Sushi Restaurants in San Jose


There was a time when sushi was considered somewhat exotic, but today, it is quite popular in many parts of the country. When it comes to the bay area, the city of San Jose is home to some of the best sushi restaurants around. I have had the pleasure of sampling sushi from a number of bay area restaurants, and I can confirm there are a few standout spots that always deliver a wonderful sushi experience. If you are in San Jose and looking for some great sushi, read on to learn about the three top sushi spots in San Jose.

Cha Cha Sushi

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Basing its menu on traditional Japanese cooking fundamentals, Cha Cha Sushi on Capitol Exressway offers something for everyone. If I had to choose, I would choose Cha Cha Sushi for the best sushi in the South Bay. Come midday and enjoy one of their sushi bar lunch options. I suggest the Cha Cha Combo which includes nigiri, and your choice of salmon, tuna, or yellowtail. Amazing deal and you get a little bit of each fish. For dinner, I like to order at least 3-5 rolls. Their cherry blossom roll includes avocado and salmon topped with tuna which is amazing but every time I go to a sushi restaurant, I try the dragon roll at every place and this place does not disappoint. Their dark night roll is also a crowd pleaser and features deep fried eel with crispy tempura flakes and spicy mayo. Make sure to save some room for an order of their tempura fried ice cream because it is amazing.

What I recommend: Cherry blossom roll & dragon roll

Location: 547 W Capitol Expy San Jose, CA 95136

Sen Dai Sushi

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Located on Abel Street, Sen Dai Sushi has all of the popular options that I look for in a sushi restaurant. I start every meal there with a cup of the miso soup. When it comes to sushi, their rainbow roll is as tasty as they come. If you happen to be dining with someone who is not a sushi fan, they have some great options from the grill including grilled calamari and grilled salmon kama with ponzu sauce. But since you won’t be dining with the non-sushi crowd, order the 30-piece sashimi to share with friends because it is WORTH it. Their sushi rolls are pretty light and I remember ordering at least 8 rolls with my girlfriend and we killed it all. Tasty but light, this place is a must try.

What I recommend: rainbow roll

Location: 224 N Abel St Milpitas, CA 95035

Mizu Sushi bar

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Located on Winchester Boulevard, Mizu Sushi Bar is a San Jose favorite. I like to start out with their spicy tuna salad or their Cajun tuna sashimi. Try their red dragon roll with shrimp tempura or their super Godzilla with yellowtail and cream cheese. If you can’t decide which sashimi to sample, go with their 9-piece offering to try their tuna, yellowtail, and salmon. If you are dining with a large party, I highly recommend their signature House Boat. It offers the chef’s selection of sashimi and rolls along side miso soup and salad. Other than sushi, they also offer noodles and grilled options.

What I recommend: sushi sampler or the signature house boat

Location: 1035 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128

Now that I have given you the best sushi options in San Jose, it is time to start planning your next sushi supper. I recommend planning a group trip so you can order all sorts of options to share with one another. If you are dining alone, there are plenty of choices and lunch options that will no doubt hit the spot. No matter if you’re dining solo or with a crowd, any of the above restaurants will likely be your new favorite spot for sushi in San Jose.

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