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The Best Vietnamese Restaurants in San Francisco


Growing up in the Bay Area, I never considered getting Vietnamese food in San Francisco because 1. I lived across the bridge and 2. the best Vietnamese food is already in San Jose. But a few of my foodie friends compiled a list of Vietnamese spots to try in San Francisco that included pho shops, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), and places for the best appetizers.

Pho Huynh Hiep 2 - Kevin's Noodle House

Credit: @thefoodnomad_1 on Instagram

First stop I tried was Pho Huynh Hiep (Kevin's Noodle House) for their delicious pho and fresh spring rolls. Normally, I like to order the special beef combo when it comes to pho but I was feeling like some pho ga today (chicken pho). Perfect choice because the way they prepare their chicken is something else. Normally, I don't prefer pho ga because their chicken is a hit or miss when it comes to the moisture but this place makes the chicken so well that I asked for a bowl to go. And let me tell you about the broth. There's so much flavoring in it that I asked the owner what else goes into their soup because I want to make it at home. They couldn't tell me but it was one of the tastiest broths I've ever had. Overall, this pho shop was an 8/10, very deliciouis.

What I recommend: pho ga or combo beef pho

Location: 1833 Irving St San Francisco, CA 94122

Saigon Sandwich

Credit: @foodie.approved on Instagram

The amount of recommendations I got to try this place was overwhelming. Everyone says that this banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) spot is the best in San Francisco so obviously, I had to try it out. I tried the roasted chicken sandwich, the Cha Lua (fanci pork pate), Xiu Mai (meat ball pork), and Thit (roast pork). My favorite has to be the roast pork sandwich because 1. they stuff the hell out of this sandwich meaning they put so much meat in it that it barely closes and 2. this is some of the juciest pork in banh mi I've ever had. I don't know how they're able to ensure so much juice in their pork without any of the juices pouring out. I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of this sandwich. They always say quality over quantity but here, you get to experience both!

What I recommend: roast pork banh mi & fanci pork pate banh mi

Location: 560 Larkin St San Francisco, CA 94102

Pho Phu Quoc PPQ Beef Noodle House Restaurant

Credit: @pancakestacker on Instagram

Despite the long name of this restaurant, the lines here are short because the workers work fast. I ordered my food and within five to ten minutes, my order was ready. I heard that their imperial rolls and 5 spice chicken vermicelli was a crowd favorite so I ordered that and some garlic noodles. Felt like a noodle day when I went, just carbs on carbs. The chicken was very tender and the skin was crispy with just the right amount of moisture. It went well with the vermicelli but I also ate it with the garlic noodles and it was a game changer. Garlic noodles were full of minced garlic pieces and I'm not sure what cream they added to the noodles but it was heavenly. I want to go back just for the garlic noodles next time.

What I recommend: noodle dishes but more importantly garlic noodles

Location: 1816 Irving St San Francisco, CA 94122

I have been pleasantly surprised by all the amazing Vietnamese restaurants I went to in San Francisco and I continued this journey the week after so I will be writing more about all the different restaurants I went to. If you know of any good Vietnamese restaurants in the San Francisco area, please let me know. Carbs on carbs on carbs.

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