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Best Mexican Restaurants in Oakland


As diverse as the San Francisco Bay Area is, one of my favorite cuisines has to be Mexican food and in Oakland, there are plenty of authentic Mexican restaurants around. I’ve compiled some of my favorite taco trucks and restaurants I’ve had the privilege of trying and can’t wait to discover and grow my list.

Taqueria Sinaloa


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Starting this list off with one of my favorite go-to taco trucks in Oakland, just off International Blvd. I’ve been coming to this taco truck for quite some time now and it has never disappointed me. Fun fact: NBA superstar Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has said in the past that this was his favorite taco truck in Oakland so that’s already a good enough reason for anyone to come try it! One of the tastiest items here has to be their burritos, which I opt for the carne asada and and lengua tacos, which is spanish for beef tongue. I know that sounds gross but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It was life changing the first time I chose to try it. They have a huge variety of popular Mexican items and I wish I could try it all because they. do. not. miss.

What I recommend: carne asada burritos & their tacos

Location: 2138 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94606

Casa Latina


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I’ve heard a lot about this Mexican restaurant so when I first visited the establishment, I had high expectations and luckily, those expectations were met. I ordered a little bit of everything: carne asada burrito, a few chicken tacos, and some steak nachos. I was pleasantly surprised with the burrito because it came out rather quick and I was concerned it wasn’t as fresh because it literally took 5 minutes. But one bite into the burrito and I knew this place knows how to make burritos and how to make it FAST. I love how cheesy they are able to make their burritos because it makes for an amazing burrito cross section with the cheese pull. Besides their amazing Mexican food, their famous dessert is a MUST try: tres leches cake. Tres leches cake is a Mexican style sponge cake, tres meaning three because they use three different kinds of milk to create this masterpiece: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. AMAZING.

What I recommend: carne asada burritos & tres leches cake

Location: 1805 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702



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One of my go-to Mexican restaurants in Oakland is Cosecha simply because they serve really good cocktails. They have an amazing cocktail bar and I love their version of a Paloma, which is a tequila-based drink prepared with lime juice, and a grapefruit-flavored soda. Delicious. I would consider Cosecha to be an upscale Mexican dining experience because the ambiance is amazing and the presentation of the food is very important to them. I ordered a few carne asada tacos and they came out beautifully, although the price of each taco is on their pricier side coming at five dollars per taco. I've always tried their fish tacos and they are superb, always fresh with the right amount of crisp. Definitely a treat coming here but prepare to spend a few extra dollars on their food and drinks because they have to make up the cost of their staggering presentations somewhere.

What I recommend: tacos are the key here, but drinks is a must

Location: 3445 Champion St Oakland, CA 94607

Being in the city of Oakland, you get to experience a wide variety of cuisines and if you know Oakland well enough, you would know that there are so many amazing Mexican restaurants to choose from. Overwhelmingly so. But in the past, these three have been some of the most solid restaurants for me. There will definitely be more parts coming up but I would love to hear what others favorite Mexican restaurants in Oakland are.

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