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In the upcoming years, we will be talking about how in 2019 it was the year of the Popeyes fried chicken sandwich. I remember waiting for an hour just to try their widely popular fried chicken sandwich and to my surprise, it was only mediocre at best, which isn't fair because I've had the best fried chicken sandwich in LA: Howlin' Rays. Since Howlin' Rays, I have been on the search for fried chicken sandwiches that tastes just as good and there's actually quite a few in the Bay Area that can compare but will never come close. Since we don't have a Howlin' Rays in the Bay Area yet, I found a few alternatives in San Jose that tastes great.

Chick N' Bros

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I am starting this list off with the first fried chicken sandwich I've ever had in San Jose per a foodie's recommendation and it did not disappoint. Chick N' Bros is a food truck that serves some of the juiciest and most tender fried chicken sandwiches ever. But lets talk about the spice. Here, they do not play around when it comes to spiciness. Their lowest spice level is the Cayenne, which is 45k SHU (scollville heat unit), while their highest spice level is the Carolina Reaper, coming in hot at 1.6 mil SHU. I have a pretty high spice tolerance but I opted for level 3 out of 5 spice levels and it was the perfect level of spice for me. I definitely felt more than a kick but it was a good kick and the spices were very flavorful. This place is where I go when I want to challenge myself on spice.

What I recommend: If you can handle Tobasco, then leve 1. Anything above that, proceed with caution.

Location: 3242 Stevens Creek Blvd San Jose, CA 95117

Scratch Cookery

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I've been meaning to try Scratch Cookery for the longest time because so many San Jose residents have talked about it for months and I finally got to try it. My first impression of the fried chicken sandwich was that the piece of chicken was massive. Their sandwiches are quite big and the price is reasonable too. In order to enjoy the sandwich, I figured I would play it safe and get a level three since it was my first time here. The spice was definitely manageable and a lot less spicy them other places I've tried but the taste was explosive. Normally, you don't expect it to be too flavorful because they give you a bigger piece of chicken but this sandwich had it all: spice, flavor, size. I'm not sure if this place is more popular because of the size or flavor but both boxes were checked!

What I recommend: Level 1 & 2 for beginnings, level 4-7 for those who can tolerate spice

Location: 66 S 1st St San Jose, CA 95113

Chubby's Chickn

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Honestly, the first time I came here to check this place out was because of its name. Why was it called Chubby's Chickn? I Still don't know but I have to say this fried chicken sandwich spot is very solid. Out of the three places I tried, this is ranked third but it's still amazing! Kudos to all the amazing new fried chicken sandwich spots that keep opening up. I'm here for it! I opted for a less spicy sandwich this time just because I didn't want my stomach to be completely destroyed but I saw that there were levels "death" and "extra death" and I don't want to be a part of that! My friend tried the "death" spice level and he was in pain for a long time but he said it was a good kind of pain. Overall, I would stick to mild and medium here because I think they can handle spice pretty well.

What I recommend: "death" & "extra death" to my people who wants the challenge

Location: 888 Story Rd San Jose, CA 95122

I love being able to take others' recommendations and trying these food spots for myself because majority of the time, the recommendations are very good. These have been three of my favorite fried chicken sandwich spots but I hope to try more because I'm getting so addicted to chicken sandwiches. These are no Popeyes or Wendys chicken sandwiches, these are more gourmet but the prices are definitely doubled and even tripled in some cases. If you have any recommendations in the Bay Area for fried chicken sandwiches, do let me know!

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