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Best Chinese Restaurants in San Jose


We are so lucky to have such a huge Asian influence in the San Jose area. The blending of many cultures makes for a spectacular culinary scene. There are not that many cities in the US where people can hop in the car and drive to a Burmese, Vietnamese, or Thai restaurant in a matter of minutes. When it comes to the Chinese offerings around town, there are just far too many to choose from when trying to pick a favorite. However, I have tried to do just that. Take a look below to learn about the top Chinese restaurants in San Jose.

Jade China

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Located on Berryess Road, Jade China boasts a great offering of authentic Chinese dishes. They offer all of the favorite appetizers from pot stickers to crab Rangoon. On a cold day, their hot and sour soup always hits the spot, with the perfect mixture of spicy and tart flavoring. My personal favorite entrée is the walnut shrimp, which is pretty basic of a Chinese dish but they use huge and quality shrimp and the walnuts are so crispy, it's perfect. If you are looking for a dish with a little bit more spice, I recommend their salt and pepper fish filet which you can make as spicy as you want.

What I recommend: salt and pepper fish filet & walnut shrimp

Location: 2524 Berryessa Rd San Jose, CA 95132

Hunan Taste Restaurant

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Located just East of the San Jose airport on 4th Street, Hunan Taste has offerings for the whole family. Start with one of their savory egg rolls and a large bowl of their sweet and sour soup. When I visit, I always order their kung pao chicken. Now, don't get me wrong with this basic dish because it is no Panda Express. Their chicken is so tender and juicy, it'll blow you away. Though these are my personal favorites, I also encourage you to try their wonderful seafood dishes because their fishes are always the freshest and the shrimps are always delicious.

What I recommend: Kung pao chicken

Location: 998 N 4th St San Jose, CA 95112

Golden House Chinese Restaurant

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Featuring all of the Chinese favorites such as orange or kung pao chicken, Golden House also happens to be affordably priced. With the extra money you save, treat yourself to an appetizer and some won ton soup. When I visit, I spend most of my time deciding between the Mongolian beef and the sweet and sour pork. You will not go wrong if you choose either of these offerings.

What I recommend: Mongolian beef

Location: 7108 Santa Teresa Blvd San Jose, CA 95139

China Chen

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The next time you are on 3rd Street and there is a bit of chill in the air, head to China Chen and order a hot bowl of their wonton noodle soup. This offering of Chinese comfort food always hits the spot when I visit. They also offer traditional fried flour cakes that they allege are the best in the world. I am not going to argue about that. Instead, I encourage you to give them a try and see for yourself. And though I do not encourage you to test the theory, they do claim that their fried shrimp wontons are hangover friendly.

What I recommend: Wonton noodle soup

Location: 400 S 3rd St San Jose, CA 95112

Thanks to the wide variety of restaurants in San Jose, you really can’t go wrong when trying to find the best Chinese food in town. All of the offerings are pretty great. The above restaurants truly do stand out amongst the other gems in town. It does not matter if you are dining alone or planning to bring the whole family; Chinese food has something to offer all types. From skewered meats to noodle soups, everyone will leave the restaurant full and happy.

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