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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in San Jose


When most people think of foods from Asian countries, they tend to think of diced meats in sweet or savory sauces. If you have never tried Vietnamese food, then you may be surprised to learn that hearty soups and sandwiches are also very popular. With a dose of influence from French cuisine, Vietnamese fare can range from cool and refreshing to warm and savory. If you are not familiar with this unique cuisine and are not quite sure where to start, keep reading to learn more about the best Vietnamese restaurants in San Jose.

Pho Kim Long Restaurant

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If you are in the mood for a steamy bowl of savory pho, I highly recommend Pho Kim Long. In addition to their noodle soups, they are famous for their stir fries and barbecue pork. The menu features all of the traditional Vietnamese favorites. When you check them out, I highly recommend a big bowl of combo pho, always the #1. I have been told that their chicken pho is what makes their restaurant packed with people but I personally go for the combo because it comes with a lot of different meats. When you try their pho, make sure to pile on some basil leaves, cilantro, and all of the other wonderful fixings.

Location: 2082 N Capitol Ave San Jose, CA 95132

Com Tam Dat Thanh

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Located on Tully Road, this restaurant offers a variety of rice platter combinations. When you visit, I encourage you to try their shredded pork broken rice combo. This dish is served with shrimp and their traditional egg cake but the main star is the fish sauce you dip everything in, including pouring a bunch all over the broken rice. Don’t forget to give their Vietnamese coffee a try. I guarantee that it will rival anything you might find at a high-priced coffee shop.

Location: 1055 Tully Rd Ste A San Jose, CA 95122

Banh Mi Oven

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I just know that after you visit this place, you will never look at a sub sandwich the same way ever again. Banh mi are sandwiches made with crusty, fluffy, French-inspired bread. This delicious, fresh-baked bread is then stuffed with meats and colorful vegetables such as bell pepper and cilantro. It is tough to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I would say it is a tie between their grilled pork or grilled beef banh mi. In addition to all of their delightful menu options, they even offer a 20% discount to first responders and senior citizens.

Location: 1210 Story Rd San Jose, CA 95122

VN Grill

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This location on Brokaw Road offers a modern take on Asian street food. To create the perfect dish, start by choosing either white rice, brown rice, rice noodles, or salad. Add your protein, choose from a large variety of vegetables such as pickled carrot or mint, and finish it off with one of their flavorful sauces. They use only organic produce, and they make all of their sauces from scratch. My personal favorite is their kalbi-style beef bowl. Try it with a cup of their iced coffee.

Location: 1085 E Brokaw Rd Ste 20 San Jose, CA 95131

Whether you are in the mood for a sandwich, a hearty bowl of pho, or a cool and refreshing cup of traditional iced coffee, Vietnamese cuisine has something for you. In a town with no shortage of wonderful Vietnamese restaurants, the above locations manage to stand out above the rest. I hope you give one of them a try soon. I have a feeling you will become as fond of these great restaurants as I am.

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