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Best Mexican Restaurants in San Francisco


Mexican food has long been one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. I absolutely love all of the spicey, savory dishes that our Southern neighbors have to offer. San Francisco is lucky enough to boast some fantastic Mexican restaurants. Whether you are looking for a plate of chargrilled meats or a neatly rolled burrito to eat on the go, I am sure you’ll find something tasty at one of my favorite spots. Read on to learn more about the top Mexican restaurants in San Francisco.

El Farolito

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With multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, this cash-only restaurant offers tons of tasty options. You can grab a crispy taco a la carte, or you can fill up with a carne asada plate. My personal favorite is the el pastor. If you have room for it, I would recommend their super burritos as well because their meats are cooked to perfection. This sweet and savory pork dish is served with rice and beans. Interested in dessert? Make sure to save room for flan! I'm not big on mexican desserts but their flan is so light and tasty that it is a must-try!

What I recommend: Super burrito and quesadillas

Location: 2779 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110

La Taqueria

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With a wide variety of tacos and burritos, La Taqueria can really cater to tall tastes. The menu allows me to create my own taco or burrito by offering a choice of corn or flour tortilla, meat, cheeses, and other toppings. They even have vegetarian friendly offerings. This Mexican restaurant might be my favorite in the whole Bay Area. I have had a lot of good burritos but this one might just take the cake. When you visit, I encourage you to also try one of their traditional aguas frescas. Strawberry is my favorite. It is a sweet and refreshing treat that complements their burritos nicely.

What I recommend: Carne asada burrito but make it 2

Location: 2889 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110

Pancho Villa Taqueria

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This restaurant’s signature item is their burrito. In what they call “Mission Style”, they offer a wide variety of burrito options including meats, seafood, and vegetarian. My favorite is the combo burrito that allows me to get both beef and chicken along with rice and beans. I take mine “mojado” which is Spanish for “wet”. That means they cover it with their signature, savory sauce and then top it with cheese. But other than the burritos here, I decided to try their asada steak combo dinner and it blew my mind. Their combo dinners are definitely worth checking out!

What I recommend: Mission Style burritos, asada steak combo dinner

Location: 3071 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103

Taqueria Cancún

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If you ever have a late-night craving for some enchiladas, this location on Mission Street has got you covered. For anyone feeling adventurous, I recommend you give the beef tongue or beef brains a try. If organ meats are not your thing, I suggest a chorizo burrito. This spicy sausage is perfect for breakfast or dinner.

What I recommend: Wet burrito

Location: 2288 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110

Don Pistos

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Anyone looking to gather with friends over a pitcher of margaritas will love Don Pistos. They are open for brunch and have some great breakfast options including huevos rancheros and a bacon cheddar jalapeño scramble. I recommend starting with a bowl of their tortilla soup, treating yourself to the garlic shrimp tacos, and adding a cup of street corn on the side.

What I recommend: garlic shrimp tacos and carne asada fries

Location: 510 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94133

From the crunch of a freshly fried taco shell to the savory sauces that smother their offerings, these taco shops are a hit each and every time I visit them. They accommodate many different tastes with their savory meats or vegetarian offerings. Whether they are open early for the brunch crowd or late into the night to accommodate the night owls, they consistently make authentic Mexican food that makes a fan out of even the fussiest diner.

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