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Best Sushi Spots in the East Bay Area


As fancy sushi restaurants go, we all love the Michelin stars and omakases of San Francisco, places we would go to drop hundreds of dollars for the best quality fish. But what about the sushi spots where we can go and enjoy a casual night out without having to decide if we really need cable that month? I’m talking about the more affordable sushi restaurants that are located in the East Bay Area. This guide will help you discover some of the most quality and more affordable sushi if you don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars in the city. This list is not ranked in any particular order:

Satomi Sushi | Fremont

First off, I’m going to start with one of my favorite and most affordable sushi spots: Satomi Sushi. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve been to Satomi Sushi, but I can tell you one thing: it never disappoints. I’m not a fan of overpriced, granted delicious, Agedashi tofu or edamame that you can just boil or steam at home so I’m just going to jump straight into their rolls. Starting with my go-to roll at every sushi restaurant: Dragon Roll. Their unagi is always so fresh while their avocado hits the spot every time. Once the Dragon Roll is devoured, I normally go for either Lion King or Rainbow Roll, both amazing and top quality. But what I really wanted to let you guys in on is their off-the-menu, special roll: Greg Roll. Now I know what you’re thinking: “What kind of name is Greg Roll?” That’s the most unremarkable name you can call a sushi roll. But no. This roll is nothing like you’ve ever had before. This roll is massive and comes with a hefty cost of $24.95! But why is it so expensive? The Greg Roll is a spicy tuna roll filled with fried tempura and it is topped with seaweed salad and an assortment of sashimi mixed in making this roll enormous! This is a must order at Satomi Sushi!

What I recommend: Greg Roll, Dragon Roll

Location: 3655 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536

Amakara | Dublin

Credit: Sashimi tray from @forksandchopsticks_ on Instagram

Another gem in the East Bay Area is Amakara, located in Dublin, less than 10 minutes away from the San Francisco Outlets and 5 minutes away from the popular Stoneridge shopping mall. Every time I make my way out to Dublin/Pleasanton, I cannot leave without grabbing a few rolls at Amakara because their sushi is incomparable to anything else in the area. Compared to other spots on this list, Amakara ranks lower in terms of affordability. However, the quality of the rolls reflects the higher prices. During this pandemic, when a lot of sushi places’ food quality has dropped to cut costs, Amakara continues to serve some of the freshest fish around.

What I recommend: Red Dragon, Cherry Blossom, Soft-Shell Crab Tempura

Location: 7568 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568

Geta | Oakland

Credit: Sashimi combination from @j_o_e_y_c_h_i_a_n_g on Instagram

Oakland is the town for sushi in the Bay Area and one of my favorite spots is Geta. With their rolls being just under $9 on average and a chef’s choice sashimi combo for only $20, this place might just be the best value for amazing raw fish. Pre-pandemic, I used to come here for their delicious sashimi, but what really won me over was their salmon kama, a.k.a. fish’s collar. The most tender, flavorful salmon I’ve ever had. When I hear the expression “hole in the wall,” I now think of Geta because their restaurant probably seats 12 people max. That’s why I’m grateful that it’s takeout only anyway.

What I recommend: salmon kama, fatty toro, chef’s choice sashimi combo

Location: 164 41st St, Oakland, CA 94611

Mujiri | Oakland

Credit: Nigiri combo from @travelingwonton on Instagram

This Northern Oakland gem caught my attention in the middle of the pandemic and has quickly made a name for itself, especially among Bay Area food bloggers. I heard about it from countless foodies in the Bay Area. But with so much competition among many long-standing, established sushi spots, how do you differentiate yourself? You hire a design/marketing team and create a dish that’s so aesthetically pleasing that all the foodies will want to come and take pictures of it. But I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet: the price. For only $25, you get a seven-piece nigiri which is customizable to upgrade to even the more expensive options: toro and uni, with no additional charge! This place is a great addition to North Oakland and I would recommend all my Bay Area peeps to come check it out.

What I recommend: Seven-piece nigiri combo + uni, toro, Hamachi, maki

Location: 6501 San Pablo Ave, Unit B, Oakland, CA 94608

Delage | Oakland

Have you ever wanted to try omakase (sushi chef’s choice) but could not be bothered to drop hundreds of dollars just to end up still hungry at the end of the meal? Well, Delage was actually my first omakase experience and safe to say it did not break my bank. Needless to say, it’s not the cheapest option for sushi, but at $70 per person, it is at least 1/3 of the price you would pay in San Francisco and it is definitely still a fine dining experience. Their menu is seasonal and prefixed with 7-8 courses that consisted of starts, chef’s choice of sushi, soup, entrée, and dessert. The order of the courses was: amuse bouche, salad dish, veggies, sushi daily special, sushi chef’s choice, app daily special, snack break (normally a chip), entrée dish, soup, and last but not least a dessert. I think it goes without saying that the dining experience is a whole lot different than the takeout experience but the taste is still just the same. If you ever have the chance to go and experience their omakase dine-in, I would say to add it to your bucket list. The ambiance in this small restaurant is very intimate, where everyone seems to be your friend, even your neighboring tables. It felt as though we were all enjoying the same meal, coming from the same background, laughing at the same jokes, and overall just a very friendly vibe from Delage.

What I recommend: 8 course meal + Today’s Special + App Daily Special

Location: 536 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607

While I love the sushi in San Francisco, I’m quite ecstatic that I have been able to accumulate a list of amazing sushi I’ve found without having to pay an arm and a leg for. There are still so many sushi spots I have yet to visit in the East Bay so if anyone has recommendations or disagrees with my top sushi spots, I would love to hear your favorites! Follow me on my food journey on Instagram @californiacalories for more!

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