This edible plasticine recipe will delight your children!

Children love to imitate everything that mom and dad do, and surely they have seen you cook delicious recipes. They, too, can get the most out of their creativity if you make fun edible playdough for them! This is a straightforward recipe that you can make at home with your children to have a good time. Let's cook!


½ cup peanut butter.

1 teaspoon of honey.

1 cup of powdered milk.

Gummies, sprinkles, and candies to decorate.


1) Mix all the ingredients until you create a homogeneous mixture until you have a plasticine texture.

2) If you like, you can use natural colorants to change the color. Separate a portion, roll it into a ball, and add a few drops. Mix until the color appears homogeneous throughout the portion.

3) Play with your children to form fun food figures and decorate them with gummies and other sweets.

What do you think about the edible playdough recipe? Do you dare to do it at home with your children? Remember that cooking for children helps them increase their confidence to make simple decisions and improve their physical and motor skills.

If you liked the recipe, let me know in the comments section to continue bringing you fun recipes to cook with your children!

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