Raising your kids during the pandemic is a challenge for super moms!

The pandemic has changed the lives of all of us drastically. A year ago, we had no idea what COVID-19 would do to the world's population. If it is difficult for an adult to assimilate the current reality, imagine how it is for a child. Children don't see things the way we do. As parents, it is our duty to explain what is happening around the world and reassure them. Children tend to get nervous easily, and they also get stressed when they face a situation like the one we live in today.

The best thing to do is not hide the truth from them. Your children deserve to be informed and prepared. Lying to them will only help alienate them from reality and prevent them from understanding the magnitude of the health crisis. However, we have to know how to transmit the information to them without alarming them. For example, your children don't need to know the exact number of deaths from COVID-19. That information would make them nervous and could develop severe stress that will be very difficult to combat. However, positive information such as advances in vaccine production is something your children will be happy to know.

In my case, it has been a real challenge to explain to my three children that to stay healthy, they must follow all sanitary rules, wash their hands, wear a mask, use antibacterial gel, etc. Sometimes they protest and ask me why we should do all those things, but they always understand that it is necessary.

I'm not going to lie to you; sometimes, it's very stressful. Even I worry and can't help but feel anxious about COVID-19. But above all, I am a mother. I have to do everything possible so that my children feel safe, so I put on the super cape, put a smile on my face, and every day I tell my children that very soon everything They will return to normal, and they will be able to enjoy their childhood as every child should.

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