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Traditional mobs can be challenging to use. You have to get out a bucket and fill it with water, and find the right cleaning solution. You then have to mop your whole floor, probably getting too much water and soap everywhere. You have to wring out the mop, creating a big bucket of soapy, dirty water that needs to be emptied. It’s a pain, and I know it’s a big reason why I rarely mop my floor.

That’s why the Swiffer Wetjet is a cool product. If you’ve used a traditional Swiffer, you know that they work well to pick up dust off the floor. If there’s some kind of stuck-on mass, however, a traditional Swiffer with its dry cleaning cloth won’t do much for you.

How the Wetjet Works

The Wetjet is different. It’s like a traditional Swiffer, and has the same disposable cleaning pad style. They use the special pads, though, which are designed to work with a wet cleaning solution. On the handle of the wet jet is a small pump. When you press a button on the handle, the pump pumps cleaning solution down the handle, spraying it in front of the pad. You can then use the solution and the pad to scrub the mess off the floor.

Because the cleaning solution is integrated directly into the handle, you don’t need to deal with a big bucket of sudsy water. You’re also only dispensing the exact amount of cleaning solution that you need, so you’re wasting less soap and not getting it everywhere. You can press the button on the handle to spray a bit out, mop the floor with it, and then spray a bit more when you need.

Downsides of the Wetjet

The cleaning pad and the Swiffer wet jet is disposable. That’s not the best thing for the environment, because you’re going to be throwing away a bunch of these pads. I find that I have to go through 2 to 3 pads to clean a big room. Still, the convenience factor is great. You don’t have to deal with bringing out a traditional mop. You can just throw each of the pads away as it gets soiled.

The Wetjet can also get dirty quickly if you use it on a dusty floor. I find one of the best solutions is to Swiffer with a traditional dry dry pad first to get rid of big dust, and then to use the wet jet to remove any dirt or other stains on the floor. That gets rid of a lot of the bigger pieces of dust so they don’t get the pads of the wet jet dirty as quickly.

Where to Buy

You can buy a Swiffer wet jet at Walmart for around $25. That includes the device, as well as some starter pads, and the batteries that you need to operate it. It also includes a starter container of cleaner fluid.

Check it out today if you hate traditional mops, but want to keep your floor clean.

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