Meditation for Peace in Ukraine

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Yesterday, the international community looked on as Russia launched a full-scale invasion of the country of Ukraine. Many of us are probably feeling powerless in the face of this international strife.

Today's meditation focuses on the idea of peace, both in Ukraine and for all the peoples of the world. We cannot all necessarily intervene in international conflict, but we can strive for peace for all people, and collectively reach towards that goal.

May the beauty and serenity of peace be with you, all the people of Ukraine.

May your hearts be filled with hope, your minds with understanding, and your spirits with the desire for peace.

May you find the strength to forgive, the courage to confront, and the peace to reconcile. May the light of love banish the darkness of fear, and may the power of peace overcome all that would divide us.

May the world join together to wish for and speed the arrival of peace. May peace be with you now and always.

May the international community support the people of Ukraine in their quest for peace. May peace reign from the shores of the Black Sea to the Carpathian Mountains.

May the people of Ukraine be forever blessed with peace. May aggression cease, and may the people of Ukraine live in harmony, free from fear and violence.

May the light of peace shine on Ukraine and bring healing to the land.

May all who dwell on this earth be at peace, and may the love of peace be with us all.

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