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Do you have a kid who loves Thomas and Friends? Do they already have all the available Thomas and Friends stuff? If that describes you, there’s good news. Fisher-Price just released a new Thomas and Friends set. It’s elaborate, super fun for kids, and has a lot of parent-friendly features too. It’s the Thomas and Friends Trains and Cranes Super Tower.

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The Trains and Cranes Super Tower is a 2+ foot tall tower of Trackmaster tracks which curve upwards in two long, arching loops. At the top of the loops are three cranes from the Thomas and Friends series. The set also comes with a motorized Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster train, a die-cast Percy, a Harold the Helicopter, and several cargo crates.

Lots of kids these days watch the official Thomas and Friends series, but they also watch unofficial fan videos of Thomas and Friends on various popular video apps (assuming you gave them a tablet or lent them your phone). Lots of those videos feature trains racing and crashing, often on concentric tracks or tracks of equal lengths.

With the Super Tower, it seems like Fisher-Price noticed that trend and decided to tie into it. The set is configured so that your kid can place two trains at the top of the tower and give them a push, watching them race down either side of the tower and reach the Tidmouth Sheds replica at the bottom. (Of course, this also means that you’ll need to buy a separate additional die-cast train if they want to race against the included Percy.)

They can also set up the motorized Trackmaster train to climb up the ramps on either side of the set, reaching the top and proceeding down the other side. Or if you buy another Trackmaster train (there’s always more stuff), they can race the trains up both sides of the set and have them crash at the top.

Another cool feature is a platform held by Cranky the Crane at the top of the set. The Trackmaster train can drive onto the platform and then your kid can pull a handle, spinning the platform around several times and moving it to the other side of the tower. When it reaches the other side, little gates on the platform swing open and the train proceeds forward. It’s a cool feature that even I, as an adult, enjoy playing with.

Your kids will definitely love this set. And as a parent, you’ll love it, too. Why? For a couple reasons. For one thing, the set is vertical, but has a relatively small footprint. That means your kids can play with it in a relatively small room without it taking up the whole space. There’s still plenty of track to play on, but it goes straight up instead of curving all over.

The other reason is that cleanup is super easy. Because the whole set is contained in a single unit, when your kids are done playing with it, you can simply lift it up and carry it elsewhere to store it. In a commercial for the set, a parent is shown doing exactly that.

If you’re looking for a fun set for your Thomas fan–and especially one that mirrors the races and crashes they see in online videos–the Super Tower is a great buy. It’s about $90 on Amazon, which feels like a lot, but consider the cost of all those Trackmaster tracks bought separately, and it’s not that bad. Again, as a parent you’ll enjoy the ease of cleanup and the maximization of your floor space, too. And you might just find yourself playing with the cool spinning platform when your kid isn’t looking.

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