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You’ll swear it’s heating up the room
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My house has a lovely, old wood-burning fireplace complete with a brick chimney — a relative rarity in California. At some point in the past, someone converted it to burn natural gas. That’s a bit safer than wood, but with three kids in the house, I still didn’t want any kind of fireplace going in my home. That’s why I turned to the Decanit Fireplace Lantern.

The Decanit Lantern looks just like a tiny fireplace. It’s got little glowing logs that pulse with orange light, as well as flicking, dancing flames. The whole thing is contained in a faux-metal unit that’s about a foot high. You could swear that it’s putting out heat and making your room feel cozy and holiday-ish.

But it’s all an illusion. The Decanit Lantern doesn’t heat up at all — the fireplace effect is created using only motors, mirrors, and LEDs inside the unit. The whole device is totally safe to the touch. It runs on a USB connection (I plug mine into an old phone charger in the wall) or a set of replaceable batteries.

How I Use It

I use the Decanit fireplace lantern as a little insert in my real fireplace. I positioned it in front of the logs of the real fireplace, and plugged it into a long USB extension cord that ultimately leads to my old phone charger in a wall outlet. I even keep a real fireplace screen in front it of, just like it’s actually burning.

I didn’t expect it to look so good. I thought the lantern would like kind of hokey or campy, and would be a joke item. But it actually looks great, and gives the impression that there’s a real fire burning in the fireplace. My kids love to stand near it, point at it and say “hot”, and otherwise treat it like a roaring fire. It’s at least as good as one of the fireplace recordings you find on Netflix.

The lantern is also great if you’re planning a themed party, or looking for a cool (though hot-looking) addition to your Halloween or holiday theming. I used it in a hot chocolate bar as part of the decor during an outdoor party, and it fit in perfectly. I noticed that over time, the lantern’s flames sometimes stop moving. Unplugging it for a bit and plugging back in usually fixes the issue.

If you have a fireplace but you don’t want to risk using it around your kids, try grabbing a Decanit lantern and enjoying a roaring “fire” without the heat or environmental damage. It’s fun, cheap, and a unique piece of decor.

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