Many Georgia Residents To Receive $350

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The state of the economy has put pressure on the budgets of many Americans. The state plans to help by sending people one-time payments of extra cash.

Governor Brian Kemp dedicated over $1 billion to the Department of Human Services. The funds will provide cash aid. It is a one-time bonus payment for people in Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids, SNAP, or TANF. Governor Kemp said the money aims to help some of Georgia’s most vulnerable residents. It will aid them in coping with the continued economic impacts and inflation. (source)

The recipients are already members of government aid programs. They will not have to apply to receive the one-time cash help payment. How will someone know if they are eligible? People can look up information on a household member's status. If qualified for the sum, people can visit their Gateway account. The details will be in their “Check My Benefits - Case Selection” screen. (source)
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To claim the virtual payment, the person will need the client ID number on the screen's left side. Persons enrolled in more than one of the programs are only eligible for one bonus payment. Qualifying Georgia residents can get the money soon. The expected rollout of funds is starting in mid-September. People with email contact preferences in Georgia Gateway will get the payment faster. Others will have to wait until a later date. The cash will come through a virtual payment card. It is a prepaid Mastercard card that operates like a debit card. (source)

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