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Mountain View, California Residents Eligible For $500 This Week

Cadrene Heslop

Different states in California have been funding projects to help low-income families. Los Angeles has an initiative giving locals $225 in payments. Now, the city of Mountain View plans to put on a venture.

The city of Mountain View wants to help residents. But they have until September 25, 2022, to apply for the program. Like the many others put on by different states, it is a guaranteed income pilot program. These programs aim to help low-income households and ease budget inequality in cities. (source)

The receivers of the fund can spend the money as they see fit. How come? These initiatives often do not have restrictions on spending. It ensures families get maximum gains from the cash. It bears the name Elevate MV. And it will provide a universal basic income to accepted applicants. The chosen recipients will get $500 for 24 months. The pilot program has funding of $2 million, which the city of Mountain View received. (source)
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The closing date for applications is September 25, 2022. There is a website to apply for the program. Afterward, 166 recipients will get selected at random. And then, the payments start rolling out in December. So if you meet the requirements, there is only this week to act on one's eligibility. Income determines qualification. The household earnings must be below 30 percent of the area median income, which is as follows. (source)

  • Household of two: $40,450
  • Household of three: $45,450
  • Household of four: $50,550
  • Household of five: $54,600
  • Household of six: $58,650
  • Household of seven: $62,700
  • Household of eight: $66,750

The other rule? An individual must be either a parent or caregiver for at least one child under 18 years of age. (source)

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