Concerns About New Jersey Store Ban Policy

Cadrene Heslop

Across America, states are banning several items. California is making moves to avoid gas-powered vehicles. Meanwhile, other states, like Colorado, have passed laws. These rules cause stores to prohibit the use of one specific item. These changes are to lower the country's pollution and carbon footprint. Like, in Colorado, a similar ban happened in New Jersey. But now store owners have concerns about shoppers' response to the ban.

In New Jersey, stores have prohibited the use of plastic bags. But residents are not yet used to the idea of bringing reusable bags for their purchases. They also do not want to pay for reusable shopping bags sold at the store. This behavior has to lead to one odd consequence. And store employees are calling shoppers out for the practice. Why? Because they have concerns about the behavior. (source)
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What happens if someone forgets their grocery carriers at home? People have refused to buy the reusable shopping bags sold by the store. These totes cost 34 cents each. But they have loads of groceries to carry to their car or Uber ride. What do they do? Some New Jersey shoppers resort to an odd and problematic choice. They carry the items out with the store's handheld basket. Some leave them in the parking lot; others do not. (source)

Several stores have had different experiences since the Garden State banned plastic bags. A Wegman's spokesperson said their customers have been loyal. And no such incident has happened. Other stores have had to come up with unique solutions to address their concerns. Cafasso’s Fairway Market gives people free boxes. But other retailers have decided not to replace the handheld carts. (source)

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