Starbucks Fixes Checkout Machine Issue At Kroger

Cadrene Heslop

Starbucks shoppers once had different experiences based on the location they visited. The company has fixed the program to make service at all venues universal.

Starbucks owns stores. It also has franchises in other merchant locations, for example, Kroger. If customers went to a Starbuck within a Kroger store, they could not use the coffee chain's reward system. Starbucks chief marketing officer Brady Brewer said that customers' experiences at retailer locations were "inconsistent". He further explained. "Both rewards and mobile ordering have become key to the business in recent years, with accelerated growth during the pandemic." (source)

These venues offered coffee lovers convenience. But they could not save or earn points on their orders. Why? The coffee drinker had to pay through Kroger's checkout systems. (source)
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Another disadvantage? Customers could not order in advance with the Starbucks app. The brand has now addressed the issue. They created a new program called Starbucks Connect. It allows customers at retailer locations to get their reward benefits. The update goes beyond the point-of-sale system. Starbucks reward members can also get their usual benefits. These rewards include free refills on brewed coffee and tea after purchasing a drink as well as a free birthday treat each year. (source)

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