You Lose Money With A Costco Membership

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People have become interested in shopping at Costco without a membership. Experts also argue shopping with a membership can cause you to lose money. There are eight scenarios in which customers lose money by bulk buying.

Bulk buying can save people cash. But analysts argue otherwise. They say there are situations where this practice is troublesome for one's budget. The annual Costco fee costs between $60 to $120 per year. Here are the occasions when bulk buying via a Costco membership might not be worth it. (source)
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Eight situations when bulk buying as a Costco member is not worth someone's while. (source)

1. Family size

If your family is small, bulk buying can cause perishable stuff wastage. It can lead to plenty of thrown-out expired food and items.

2. Perishables

If you use plenty of perishable goods, bulk buying is a no. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products expire fast. Some people consume perishables slowly. Or in low quantities based on what gets cooked. These consumption habits cause wastage.

3. Busy life

If someone is busy, they are less likely to research where they can get the best deals. Or find out which products at Costco offer a better bang for their dollar. The membership could also make people less inclined to search for cheaper alternative stores.

4. Store location

Transportation costs are high. Costco stores are often far to get space for their big warehouses. Public transportation and gas costs can reduce the money saved if you live miles from the store location. And do not use your membership at least once a month.

5. Coupons

What do experts like Ms. Rossi say? Everyday toiletries such as shampoo and toothpaste are cheaper elsewhere with coupons. If you have coupons, using them at other stores could mean more value per dollar.

6. Limited favorites

The products offered by Costco depend on brand deals. The warehouse might not stock items from your favorite manufacturers.

7. Impulse buying

A person who does not make a list or stick to one will spend more. The person would impulse buy in bulk rather than take only one item.

8. Food delivery service

The cost of delivery adds up. What if someone has a Costco membership, a delivery add-on, and another food delivery service? They will spend plenty on food services and increase their budget costs.

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