More Texas Stores Getting Self-Checkout Machines

Cadrene Heslop

Grocery stores are embracing technology. Every day different stores try out alternative self-checkout options. Walmart uses barcode reader models. Circle K stores use "smart checkouts" which do not need scanning. Now, a well-known grocery store in Texas plans to get new "fast scan" technology.

A supermart chain is testing a futuristic way for checkout aisles. It is "fast scan" technology and claims to save shoppers incredible amounts of time. The name of the business is H-E-B plus! The technology is in the pilot phase among store partners and employees. If successful, it will become available at the 420 locations throughout the state. (source)

Someone saw the machine in the store and shared a video on TikTok. Some viewers loved the innovation, "HEB, the true governor of Texas, sending us into the future." Others were not excited about the coming change. "They did this a while back with [a] conveyor belt & a cashier to cash out." Yes, didn't last long. Trying a different method. Let's see how this goes. They're only testing it at this location." (source)
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The H-E-B plus store involved in the pilot program is in Schertz, Texas. How does the machine work? "All you have to do is run your basket through. And the machine [is] going to scan everything inside the basket and [the person] pays the amount on the receipt." (source)

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