Parents Give Their Child A Unique Name

Cadrene Heslop

It is a trend. People are trying to give their kids unusual creative names.

Both parents are in the business development retail business. Pauline and Maxwell Bacon, 32 and 31, from East London, gave their baby a fascinating name. It is much like the much-loved crisp flavor. The moniker has received mixed reviews from other parents. (source)

Pauline's maiden name is Fridh. It is Swedish, and when pronounced, it sounds like "fried.". Her husband is Maxwell, and his last name is Bacon. The two thought the combination of their names was fantastic. They were both determined to continue their tradition of having delicious monikers. (source)
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The given name of their firstborn is Theodore Smokey Bacon. They also have plans to call future kids Maple and Crispi. The parents have taken a photo of their child's passport. They often show it to people who ask for proof. Some people smile when they hear the moniker. Meanwhile, others remained respectful and quiet. She says her husband's dad and grandfather embrace the Bacon name. And they will also do the same. (source)

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