Walmart Bans This Item In Its Colorado Stores

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The climate is changing. This past summer saw several states having record-high temperatures. What else? Many environmentalists have spoken about the damaging effects of consumerism. These talks have led companies and countries to ban using one specific item. In some states, Walmart is also changing its policies. It will restrict the use of this product in some stores. The ban could cause unprepared shoppers to spend more as they encounter fees.

Walmart wants to do its part to help the environment. The brand will change its policy in some stores. The update is a ban on the use of plastics. The firm wants shoppers to bring shopping bags to stores in specific states. Why? These states have enacted laws against single-use plastic bags. For example, in Colorado, on January 1, 2024, brands will have to add 10 cents to store-bought bags. (source)
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The change affects two groups. The first is customers who are unaware of the policy. Or shoppers who forget to bring bags will pay this small fee if they buy a bag during checkout. Walmart will change the policy in 2023, ahead of the new Colorado law's implementation in 2024. Signs are at Walmart Colorado store locations to warn people. A Walmart spokesperson had this to say. (source)

"Walmart has been exploring alternatives to single-use carryout bags from our stores since 2021 while prioritizing our customers’ convenience and product safety, including through the Beyond the Bag Consortium.
“In the US, we have transitioned from plastic bags in Vermont, Maine, and New Jersey. And starting early 2023, we expect to eliminate single-use carryout bags in Colorado as well with reusable bags available for purchase at multiple prices. 
“For in-store and curbside delivery, we will continue to encourage our customers to bring their own bags and/or purchase reusable bags and will be switching to reusable paper bags for delivery. Walmart remains committed to identifying solutions that are scalable, convenient and sustainable." 

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