New Inflation Rebate Program To Give You Up To $14,000

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President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act aims to lower the average American's carbon footprint. It will offer $14,000 in rebates to people to help make their homes energy-efficient.

The money from the Act is to reduce home upgrade costs. Buildings cause 40% of carbon emissions. By helping citizens get energy-efficient appliances, the incentive could lower fossil fuel emissions. (source)

States are working out implementation plans. So, the program is not live yet. Here are the current details available to the public.
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There are two separate rebate programs.

The Homes Rebate Program: It is worth $4 billion. The initiative helps people make their houses energy efficient. And the energy savings of the upgrade determines the rebate received. For example, an energy usage cut could mean a $4,000 cashback. This amount doubles for low and middle-income households. (source)

High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA). It provides rebates to low and middle-income families. The rebate cap is $14,000 per household. Recipients can use the rebates to electrify their homes. The given examples were installing heat pumps or electric clothes dryers. (source)

Here are the caps on rebates for other upgrades made via the HEEHRA program: (source)

  • $1,750 for a heat pump water heater
  • $8,000 for a heat pump for space heating and cooling
  • $840 for electric stoves, cooktops, ranges, ovens, electric heat pumps, and clothes dryers
  • $4,000 for an electric load service center upgrade
  • $1,600 for insulation, air sealing, and ventilation
  • $2,500 for electric wiring 

When the initiative becomes active, program funds will be available until September 30, 2031. People cannot receive two rebates for the same upgrade. The most a person can get is $14,000 in total. (source)

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