Big Breakfasts Do Not Impact Weight Loss

Cadrene Heslop

Research is debunking myths about weight loss. The study says a big breakfast will curb hunger. But might not cause weight loss.

Most people eat the majority of their calories at night. They also limit their breakfast options because of busy days and school mornings. Earlier research suggests people should have big breakfasts in the morning. Then, eat light at night. This style gives your body more time to burn off excess calories. The argument is the shifting of one's metabolism to favor weight loss. (source)

But new research says otherwise. It claims a big breakfast rather than a huge meal later does not affect weight loss. The results came from a clinical trial that compared two groups of individuals. People who choose to eat most of their calories at breakfast. Versus those who ate most at dinner. Dr. David Katz is the founder and former director of Yale University's Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. Katz said this about the study. (source)

"With calories either morning-loaded or evening-loaded, the researchers found nearly identical weight loss. In addition, "any magical effects" of early eating on the body's metabolism were debunked, describing the research as "extremely rigorous. Thus, this study belies the contention that eating early alters metabolism in a way that favors greater weight loss."
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Heavy calories in the morning or evening have the same effect on weight loss, according to the study. The downfall for both groups is eating all the time. A point of conflict to the research is that people who eat more in the morning consume less during the day. One researcher, Johnstone, had this to say. (source)

"We know that appetite control is important to achieve weight loss. And our study suggests that those consuming the most calories in the morning felt less hungry, in contrast to when they consumed more calories in the evening period."

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