Self-Checkout Concerns In Florida

Cadrene Heslop

People using self-checkout aisles have concerns about the consequences of an honest mistake. Stores are choosing automation. Many brands like Sam's Club and Walmart are increasing their investments in technology. Circle K also has plans to increase the number of self-checkout options in its stores.

Stores are facing employee shortages for service positions. They are also trying to cope with inflation. Plus, changing buying practices of consumers. The brands are using kiosks to help with these issues. But 67% of surveyed customers say the machines did not perform. Circle K is aware of the concerns around self-checkout options. The company has decided to put "smart checkouts" in its stores. But the concerns still exist. (source)
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Innovative self-checkout machines do not need people to scan barcodes. (source). But there is a general concern about what happens if honest mistakes occur. Criminal defense attorney, Lindsey Granados, spoke of these safety concerns on TikTok. Lindsey said mistakes at self-checkouts can have serious repercussions. Lindsey explains Americans went up against larceny charges for accidental errors. Even if one does not get charged, she says it is costly to defend your honor. Here is her video.

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