Man Does Not Fund IVF Treatment.

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Many times, siblings ask each other for financial help. It is the person's discretion whether they provide the aid. And in this case, the person used theirs to say "no" and does not fund the IVF treatment.

After inheriting a significant sum, a man refused to help fund his sister's IVF treatment. IVF is a challenging option for parents because it is expensive. A single cycle can cost as much as $23,474 in the US. The price also varies from state to state. Plus, for many couples, it takes several cycles to achieve success. (source)

The Reddit post is under the handle TAAccount2808. The message got upvoted over 7,800 times. The man explains he inherited some money. And he decided to share it with his family. But the situation is different with his older sister Meg. When she found out about his luck, she was "supper happy.". (source)
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She began discussing her plans to use the money to pay for IVF with her new husband, Liam. When the man heard this, he "hesitated.". Why? The new husband, Liam, is the best friend of her last husband, Josh. Meg and Liam got involved behind her husband's back for four years. Josh found out and ended the marriage. (source)

The man is still best friends with Josh. He said, "what they did [to Josh] caused years of therapy to get him to start thinking about dating someone. He continues, "I don't talk to Liam 99 percent of the time.". He further explains he did not attend their wedding. And he refuses to support their relationship. (source)

Meg has a son with Josh. This boy is the man's nephew. The man says, "didn't feel comfortable giving her the money for this as it involves Liam." Thus, the man does not fund the IVF treatment. Instead, he sets the money aside in a trust for his nephew, to which the nephew will have access at 18. But his sister feels he is treating her different from the rest of the family "because of the past." (source)

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