New Hire Rejects Firm's Reduced Offer: 'I Walked Out.'

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Inflation is high. Employees are hoping for companies to give them more for their salary offers. At least, this is the expectation of one Reddit user.

The Redditor who shared the story is Jasoncav82. The person explained the interview was going well. They made it to the second round and met with the owner and upper management. "They liked that I brought more to the table than the job description required. I didn't update my resume to show an end date for the job I had left two months prior," they explained. (source)

It seemed like the candidate aced the round. So, the interviewer began talking about compensation. But the offer was lower than the applicant expected. (source)
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After a successful interview, the offer received was $6,000 below the advertised range. What was the reason for the difference? The new hire was currently unemployed. The candidate pointed out that the team "just gushed over" their experience. And explained they would prove themselves in the role, but the offer still stood. (source)

The Reddit user said, "The owner immediately cut me off and said, 'This isn't negotiable. You haven't been working for two months. You should be happy to get an offer willing to pay you anything. It's infinitely more than you're making now.'" The applicant stood their ground. They declined the offer, then walked out. (source)

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