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Chicago Families Receiving Monthly Payments For Inflation Relief

Cadrene Heslop

Many states have been providing stimulus checks or rebates to citizens. But because of high inflation, some communities need more help. This need has sparked states to start pilot relief programs for select groups. These will put needed funds into the hands of state residents.

Chicago is answering the call of some families. How? It started the Resilient Communities pilot program. The first recipients started receiving direct payments in July. The randomly selected beneficiaries are 5,000 low-income people. (source)

The city said this initiative is the grandest guaranteed income program in the country. That is because most states keep their selected group small; with under 500 households identified. But the benefits of small programs are larger, for example, some Baltimore families will receive $1,000 for two years. (source)
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The Chicago City Council approved a multi-million dollar budget in October 2021. These funds included allocations for the 5,000 Windy City households. They will receive $500 per month for a year. And the first payment went out in July. (source)

The qualifying families had to meet a few requirements. These included earning less than $35,000 per year. The money for the plan came from the Biden Administration's American Rescue Plan. The goal of the program is to ease the financial burden on families. (source)

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