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Arizona Families Will Get Payments Per Month

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Families are struggling to meet their needs because of inflation. The state has stepped in to help. This time the aid will come from Arizona and go to Phoenix households. The program has a closed focus group. And the eligible families got picked by random selection.

One thousand Phoenix families in need of help got chosen for the program. The initiative got approved by the Phoenix City Council in September 2021. These 1,000 households got selected at random from a batch of 7,000 applicants. The state is experimenting with recurring payments to see the impact on families. Thus, the chosen pool is small. (source)
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The selected groups are families of four. This household earns less than 80% of the median income for the area, which is $63,200. The payments started in February 2022 and will continue for a year. (source)

The eligible families got issued cards. They had to pick up the cards in person because the state did not mail them out. Each month the qualifying families will get $1,000 worth of funds. The program would cost the city of Phoenix $84 million if expanded to all eligible families. But "there are no plans to expand.". Kristin Couturier is a senior public information officer for the city. Mrs. Couturier further explained, " Any similar type of program would require a new proposal with a new source of funding." (source)

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