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Well-Known Dollar Store Slapped With Fines

Cadrene Heslop

Agencies are clamping down on the practices of retail businesses. Recently, North Carolina did the same. Several big-name brands got hit with fines because of the operations of their stores.

It appears to be a period of inspection for American businesses. And many company premises are failing the reviews because of critical violations. Similar reports have gotten made about restaurants and fast-food chains.

How much were the fines worth? And what was the reason for it?

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This well-known dollar store is Dollar General. The company got fined almost $1.3 million for workplace safety violations. Where? The fees were for three of their Georgia locations. (source)

The federal inspectors went to the Pembroke, Hogansville, and Smyrna stores. There they saw several infractions. These include blocked exit routes, dangerously stacked merchandise boxes, and hard-to-access electrical panels. This disorderly condition could cause workers to slip, trip, or get struck by objects. Since 2017, the company has gotten fined more than $6.5 million after over 70 inspections because of "unsafe conditions that put workers at risk." (source)

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