Money Will Go Back To Georgians

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Governor Brian P. Kemp signed a bill that will give a tax refund to all eligible Georgia taxpayers. The plan is to put money back into the hands of the state's citizens. In the press release, Governor Brain P. Kemp had this to say. (source)

"When government takes in more than it needs, I believe those dollars should be returned to the taxpayer because that is your money - not the government's [money]. In Georgia, we are taking swift action to lessen the impact of the federal administration's disastrous policies that have driven record-high inflation over the last year by putting taxpayer dollars back in the pockets of hardworking Georgians. I appreciate our Office of Planning and Budget and the members of the Georgia General Assembly who worked with us to ensure this important measure was passed, and Commissioner Crittenden and the Department of Revenue for their hard work to get these funds dispersed quickly and efficiently."

Through the tax rebate program, money will go back to the locals. Here are the planned check amounts.
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The rebate is for taxpayers. Eligible recipients include people who filed their returns for both 2020 and 2021. What is the amount they can expect? Single taxpayers are to get $250. Heads of households are to receive $375, and married couples jointly filing are to get $500. Some single filers received their monies in May. The payouts should get wrapped by August. (source)

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