Texas Consumers Have Second Thoughts About Using Self-Checkout

Cadrene Heslop

Did you get excited when you first saw self-checkout aisles introduced in stores? You may have also noticed there are fewer cashiers at the location. But you thought it meant you would get done with shopping faster. Like you, many people's impressions of self-checkout registers are changing. Texans and other Americans now have second thoughts about using this method to cash out their items. Why the attitude change?

Walmart has plans to go 100% self-checkout. The economic crisis has stalled the timeline. But many stores have begun phasing out cashier aisles. Texas is the state with the most Walmart locations in America. It has 516 Walmart stores. (source)

Reports say self-checkout kiosks do not work properly for many reasons. For example, customers do not have cashier training and do not know how to work the machine. But when mistakes happen, the customers get held at fault. (source)

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Carrie Jernigan is a criminal defense attorney. She recommends avoidance of the self-checkout option. Jernigan says people are more likely to gain the label of shoplifter if there is an issue. (source)

She further explains that the company does not have to present much evidence to get a warrant. In her TikTok video, Jernigan says you may not get convicted. But it is expensive to hire a lawyer to defend your honor. She suggests people use their cards or keep their receipts if they decide to use the kiosk machines. (source)

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