Four States Have Sales Tax Holidays Planned For August 2022

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Do you have children? Are you hoping to reduce the cost of preparing your child for back-to-school?

Most sales tax holidays have passed except for four. And if you act fast and live in these states, you can gain from the sales tax holiday. The items included in each sales tax holiday vary. (source)

Which four states have tax-free holidays for August 2022? What are the dates and the items included in the holiday?
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Tax-free Holidays by State



Dates: Aug. 21 to 27, 2022

Tax-free items? Clothing and shoes: $100 or less per item, excluding athletic gear and uniforms. You can browse the list of items on the Connecticut Department of Revenue website.


Dates: Aug. 5 to 14, 2022

Reduced-tax items? School supplies and clothing under $125 will receive a 5% sales tax reduction. Review the list of items on the Illinois Department of Revenue website.


Dates: Aug. 14 to 20, 2022

Tax-free items? Clothing and shoes: $100 or less per item. Backpacks: Tax-free for the first $40 spent. You can view the list of items on the Comptroller of Maryland website.


Dates: Aug. 13 to 14, 2022

Tax-free items? Retail items purchased for personal use: $2,500 or less. View the list of items on the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website

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