California AT&T Customers Eligible For One-Time Cash Payment

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AT&T recently closed a class action suit. The company charged hidden administrative fees to customers. But according to the ruling, it was a price increase. Thus, the company's settlement amount with customers is $14 million. (source)

A judge approved a $14 million class-action settlement in June. And the site for filing claims is now live. (source). Affected AT&T customers must file a claim by October 29, 2022, to get a payment from the settlement. What happens if you do not submit a request? You will not get the company's one-time payout. There are other options for claiming; you can view them here. (source)

What was the overcharge? Which California residents qualify for recourse action?
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What was the overcharge? AT&T failed to inform post-paid wireless customers of a price update. They were being charged a monthly $1.99 administrative fee for each line. Why is this a problem? Post-paid customers get billed after the fact based on their usage. (source)

Please note. All post-paid customers got charged the fees. But only California residents have recourse. This recourse happened because locals get protected under the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act. (source)

Which California residents qualify for recourse action? AT&T California customers who paid post-paid wireless admin fees from June 20, 2015, to June 16, 2022. These citizens can file claims from the settlement and receive one-time cash payments. (source)

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