McDonald's To Relist Well-Loved Menu Item

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Fast food fans always miss an item when it disappears from menus. But meal boards are already overcrowded. Thus, McDonald's needs to take some off to make room for others.

Since KFC introduced a new menu item. And Taco Bell might be bringing back the Mexican Pizza, McDonald's got nostalgic. The chain brought back one fan-favorite menu item, the breakfast bagel sandwiches. Its return is only to a handful of states for a limited time. (source)

Ohio is one of the lucky states where the breakfast bagel sandwiches are making a return. The offerings include Steak, Egg & Cheese; Bacon, Egg & Cheese; Sausage, Egg & Cheese, and Egg & Cheese Bagels. It is unclear how long these meals will stick around. The company has also not stated if it will be a national rollout. (source)
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The Breakfast Bagels are like the chain's famous McMuffins. What is the difference? McMuffins place ingredients between two fluffy McMuffin buns. And what do the bagels do instead? The bagels sandwich ingredients between a toasted bagel with butter. The Breakfast Bagels are a fan favorite. Despite this, in January 2022, McDonald's removed breakfast bagels from the menu alongside Breakfast Wraps. (source)

The company is also bringing back other fan favorites. Such as the Spicy Chicken McNuggets for a limited time only. It is available at half of its almost 6,900 American locations. McDonald's first unveiled the spicy chicken nuggets in 2020. These spicy nuggets have a breaded tempura coating of cayenne and chili pepper. (source)

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